The Importance Of Data Backup [Infographic]

I can not stress enough how important it is to properly take care of your data-saving infrastructure. When the unfortunate happens, it can be a big blow to your company’s finances and operation. However, if proper measures are set up the downtime does not have to be that long. Do you have complete control over your data backup and is it correctly configured? These are things that you need to continuously monitor to save you from future grief.

Too many times have I heard horror stories of what happens when corrupt data enters servers and computers. It is not a beautiful sight, and the aftermath is usually incredibly stressful. But, it can all be prevented with proper data backup and security measures.

People keep asking me just how vulnerable their data is, and the answer is short and blunt. The fact is that your data is incredibly vulnerable. Not only by outside sources but also by the hands and minds of your employees. The fact that 40% of data loss is caused by employees mistakenly deleting it should be concern enough. Also, system failure, bad queries, and software crashes are all reasons you could lose data.

A more interesting statistic is that only 14% of data loss happens due to virus attacks. I am sure you thought that number would be higher; I did too.

Luckily, should the unfortunate happen, there are things that will save you the looming heartache of data loss. I am of course talking about data recovery and it doesn’t have to be that costly. Data recovery is the knight in shining armor that will bring back your data from the infinite abyss.

Services like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can cost-effectively help you recover your data and keep your company or computer running smoothly again. It is services like this that make the world a better place. Not only because their services keep computers and businesses running, but because of the hassle-free approach to data loss.

Looking at the statistics in an infographic called “The Importance Of Data Backup,” we see that 18% never backup their data at all. As frightening as that is, that is, unfortunately, the reality of it all.

There are plenty of ways that you can backup your data, and it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. You can use an online backup service, backup to the cloud, and backup to external storage media. You can, of course, also backup your data using imaging. This creates a perfect image of your disk and recovering your data is a breeze.

Have a look at the infographic about the importance of data backup and let us know in the comment section below how you backup your data. It will help our audience learn from other’s mistakes and perhaps a larger percentage will properly backup their data. One last piece of advice, do not wait until it is too late.

Data Loss And The Importance Of Data Backup

Data Backup Facts And Statistics Infographic

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