How Important Is The Lens For Your DSLR Camera?

For all those who are exceptionally interested in photography, you must understand the importance of a good lens for your camera. And for others who don’t have a lot of knowledge on this subject, it is difficult to understand how vital your lenses are while shooting. So, the question of how important your lens is for your DSLR camera is a question that has been asked over a period, and we would love to give you a few pointers on this.

Having a good lens for your camera does not just mean that you would get the perfect shot, or even about how much can you zoom in or what angle shot you can get, but it is more about the quality that you get for your photos.

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We Would Want You To Know A Few Things About The Basics Of A Camera Lens

  1. A camera has two attributes which are by the name of an f-stop and focal length. Delving into each, the focal length would determine the angle of the lens, which means how near or far you can get to the object. On the contrary, the f-stop will show you how wide the aperture would open.
  2. It is essential to understand if you could be able to get close to your subject with the help of the telephoto lens, but then you also need to understand what all other options you have. Camnisia has a pick of lenses which can give a supportive perspective on the subject.
  3. Then you also should know what type of lens you have and will it help you in the indoor shots more or outdoors. There are other specifics, and at the end of your day, the lenses do dictate how your chance would be.

Types Of Lenses – Why Do You Really Need?

There are three types of lenses which are pretty useful. One is the 35mm camera lens which gives you a wide angle while shooting and so does the 85mm lens. While if we talk about the 50mm lens, it’s sharper to shoot.

The importance of the lens starts to dawn on you once you start using your DSLR camera a lot. You need to take into account how much a camera can impact your photos.

Some people also require a zoom lens as you can move this back and forth at your leisure. Yes, we know it is hard to switch lenses for your shots constantly, but you need to understand that it is always better to enjoy an exceptional picture which is taken with the proper lens rather than blurred or out of focus photos that come with a cheap lens.  Because in the end, the amount of effort that you put into getting the perfect shot remains the same whether you use a good lens or just the usual one, so we would recommend you to invest a bit more in your lenses, and it would do you a world of good.


We have given you a good brief of why lenses are essential for your camera, but one last reason remains which supports this statement. Lenses will most likely outlive your camera, thus even after your DSLR cracks and wear off; your lenses are an investment that you can keep using. It is recommended that you use the lens of the same brand as the camera.

So, it is important to select the right kind of lenses which will be perfect for the job. In the end, if your lenses do not give you a clear shot of speed and distance, then you might as well not be photographing only.

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