Industrial Velcro Will Bring New Uses To Your iPad

Many things will never become as versatile as the iPad. It’s just a bundle of awesomeness that is only limited by the number of apps you put on it. The apps are developed constantly, and this makes for a better and much more interactive device the longer the iPad stays on the market. Sure there will be new incarnations of the iPad, but just like with the iPhone, it will still be supported for quite some time, hopefully. The only thing that I personally think sucks with Apple is that they keep on making people buy their very latest gadgets and have stopped developing their old ones. It makes for a huge gap between people in my opinion.

Well, thank God for Velcro! It’s a thing of beauty if you put it to use where it’s really awesome. And, the iPad is one of those areas where industrial Velcro can truly make a difference in its everyday use. There are so many things you can do with Velcro, and if you do them right, there is no telling what you will end up with.

This little inspirational video will entirely change the way you look at Velcro. The one thing you enjoyed as a child is not having to tie your shoes. Now it’s back and you’ll be more than impressed with what you can achieve with it. Let yourself be inspired. Now, I wonder if putting that sticky tape in your new car is a good idea… might be quite hard to get it off, let alone leave a nasty mark or glue all over the dashboard.