Manga Generator Instantly Creates A Comic Of Your Life

I am one of those people who is big on optimizing everything. With optimization comes understanding, and that is usually what makes optimization so much fun, at least for me. There are a lot of different optimizations, and it would be impossible to implement them all. When it comes to creativity, optimization always seems to come in some sort of software. Sometimes the creativity of the pen can be completely taken over by a computer. That is evident with the manga generator.

This piece of software was developed by Shirai Lab at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology. It is meant to help anyone instantly create a manga comic, whether or not that person has the skills or not. It’s a nifty approach, and one that you might think you’ve seen before. Well it does exist, but the pieces haven’t really been put together until now. The manga generator is a software that with the use of a web camera will be able to put you inside of a manga comic in a matter of seconds. The software was specifically developed to let the user create panels of manga drawings with the help of web camera filters and of course the building elements that come with the software itself.

If you’re a big fan of manga comics and movies, this manga generator is something you surely need to have a look at. The manga feel is created by a shadow shader which runs in realtime. The real innovation is not in the shader though, but in the engine that runs it all. It constantly inspects the user’s position and posture and then automatically chooses a background that matches it.

According to the developers, the manga generator software is far from perfect and has several issues that need attending to. They are refining issues such as better picture quality, better shading and better layout as we speak. These things could make this manga generator one of the primary planning and management softwares for manga comic creators. Are you ready to convert your life into a manga comic?

Shirai Lab’s Manga Generator Software

Manga Generator Comic Software

Manga Generator Comic Software