Internet Explorer Simulator Is All About Patience

This is funniest Internet Explorer simulator you’ve ever seen. Everyone who has ever tried to make their web design look the same across all browsers knows that the most annoying thing about it has always been Internet Explorer messing up. When everything seems legit on pretty much every other browser, there is always something that just doesn’t align in Internet Explorer. It has been the focus for a lot of web designers for a long time. Trying to make it look the same on all versions of the browsers even increases the annoyance, and it is probably one of the main time sinks for web designers. This has of course been a great topic for a lot of online geekery over the years. Some have been better than others, but when it comes to Internet Explorer and Microsoft, nothing has been debated more than their software instabilities.

I am personally a cross-platform user. That means that nowadays I use both OS X as well as Windows to complete my daily work. It seems it all comes down to optimization for me. Some things are just faster on OS X than on Windows and vice versa. To say that one of them is better than the other would mean to ignore most of the features on both of these platforms and just compare one. It’s just not that simple, at least that is my own humble opinion.

However, when it comes to Internet Explorer, there are a lot of funny things created to mock it, and even though the jokes are many, they are usually compacted into a few annoyances. I recently found a pretty neat Internet Explorer Simulator that might just take you through the one step that could possibly be the most annoying one so far. When you click the Internet Explorer simulator image below, you will know what I mean. This simulator was created by Mr. Doob, and it is a pretty neat little coding project. There are plenty more cool creations to check out on this site, and if you share this with your friends, you will educate others about the intricacies of a previous version of Internet Explorer.

Click To View Internet Explorer Simulator


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