Guy Becomes Bionic By Inserting A Computer Into His Arm Himself

Before I start off with this topic, I would like to state that this is nothing that you should attempt yourself at any point. To mess around with biohacking, (as it is called) is something that is highly dangerous and could end with fatal injuries. Do not try this at home! Alright, so now that we have that out of the way let’s have a look at why Tim Cannon decided to go bionic and what he had to go through in order to implement technology into his body.

Biohacking is when you add technology to your body in order to enhance, measure or monitor your bodily functions. It is the ultimate form of bionic augmentation, but it is also the most dangerous one. You just simply do not insert any material into your body as it will most likely be rejected and cause (in severe cases) fatal poisoning. But Tim Cannon decided to do it anyway and set out to find a surgeon who would be willing to do what he wanted.

The search ended as you might have guessed, with him not finding one single licensed surgeon who was willing to perform the insertion of the computer into his arm. So what did he do? Tim had to resort to using a body modification enthusiast named Steve Haworth who was willing to perform the surgery.

As if the makeshift surgery wasn’t enough, the computer inserted was even bigger than it usually is as it had to be confined in a case in order not to be rejected by Tim’s body. Furthermore, Steve is not a licensed surgeon so he could not use anesthetics when performing the gut-turning surgery. Just looking at the bionic augmentation alone gives me a stomach wrenching feeling.

The “Circadia” board computer uses batteries, although they can be wirelessly charged with a charging coil specifically modified for the bionic implant in Tim’s arm. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this except that I don’t understand why someone would do this, especially in the way the surgery had to be performed. Is it worth all that to become bionic? What are your thoughts?

Tim Cannon’s Makeshift Bionic Augmentation

Tim Cannon Bionic Augmentation

Tim Cannon Bionic Augmentation

Tim Cannon Bionic Augmentation

Via: [Technabob]