iOS App Switcher: Smartest Multitasking Concept Yet

It’s like waiting for an avalanche. The smartphone interface has been the same for a long time. I don’t mean ‘same’ in the real sense of the word, but there has not been much innovation around it. It’s pretty much the same incremental upgrades like what the iPhone has had lately. It’s time for something new to hit our attention, don’t you think? Well, even though we’re waiting for the big change, there are still incremental upgrades that are quite impressive. The App Switcher is one of those features.

Apple has an ability to make old features feel new with just a bit of bug fixing and tinkering. But they never seem to introduce those really optimized and useful features that will take smartphones to new levels of usefulness. That’s where the concept feature dubbed the App Switcher makes the big leap. It’s a multitasking feature that allows us to use our smartphones in a way previously not possible.

The processor in an iPhone (and in smartphones in general) are quite good these days. I mean, we see games that incorporate insane graphics and gameplay, so why couldn’t the user interface become a little bit…smarter? The App Switcher pushes the iPhone’s user interface to its limits. Judging from the video demo, this feature allows realtime multitasking with realtime previews as well. That is something that Apple seems to have struggled with for a long time. Personally, I don’t think the processor is the limiting factor in incorporating this kind of feature. It seems to come down to the battery in our smartphones. It simply drains too quickly to have multiple apps running in realtime in the background.

You will have to agree though that the App Switcher is a pretty neat concept feature that, as batteries get better, could come to optimize how we run apps on our smartphones. It is mentioned in the video that the average number of apps on an iPhone is 41. This means that with this feature we could optimize a whole lot of our app usage, but our battery life will be drained to nothing in a matter of minutes. So far this will remain a concept feature that every iPhone user will crave until it becomes a reality. App Switcher is conceptualized by designer Jesse Head.

iOS App Switcher Multitasking Concept Feature



Via: [iPhone Hacks]


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    Here’s my thoughts on the battery ‘issue’: apps would presumably be ‘inactive’ or on standby until the switcher is called… then they would enter an ‘active’ state. Plus, live tiles would only apply to apps that need it: iBooks for example, would probably remain mostly inactive and just present a static image when called upon by the switcher. If, on the rare occasion iBooks needed to show live feedback (when a book is being downloaded for example), then it could enter an active state while that is occuring.

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    Woody 9 years

    Umm – how is that an improvement over the multi-tasking of the new Z10 that BlackBerry just brought out? It actually looks a bit clunkier!

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    kireol teveril 9 years

    #1. Task switching and multi tasking are 2 different things.

    #2. Android has been task switching and killing apps like this for years, and has always had actual multi tasking. iOS only has recently allowed a very small limited set of apps multitask.

    #3. The games you play look great because there’s more than 1 processor in todays phones. a GPU.

    Stop spreading fan boy fiction.

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    Jason 9 years

    Way to innovate! Ever hear of WebOS?