iPad Music Mixing Station – Hardware That Rocks The World!

All you DJs out there are going to flip when you see this really neat little accessory for the iPad. Previously, there has been only software stuff for the iPad to record, edit and mix long and creative strings of music. As a DJ, it hasn’t really been possible to use the iPad in any kind of way without modifying and adding some stuff to its interconnected software and so forth. However, that is a thing of the past.

iDJ is a hardware workstation in which you just slip your iPad in, connect and everything is taken care of automatically. You can just add, edit, record and mix whatever you want really. Everything is there, and if you have an idea for a song, well that’s there as well. You will be able to record a piano, guitar and pretty much every other instrument from the iPad with any app and then add them to your creation.

When you feel you are done, just mix it all down, do some cross fades and clubbing here we come. It’s all there, and you even have those virtual turntables to play around with when going to the clubs around the world. Numark, the developers of this highly advanced and awaited hardware workstation promises a slew of compatible softwares such as Garage Band and other apps. So don’t sit around feeling blue. Make the world a happy place with the music within you!