iPhone 5 Review: What’s Really New? [Infographic]

Yesterday I tried to get a more in-depth perspective of what the iPhone 5’s impact might be on the smartphone market. It’s easy to draw your own conclusions based on the excitement, expectations and then of course the letdown at the lack of groundbreaking features which were never announced. I decided what would be better than to conduct an innocent poll amongst my friends to see what their impressions and future plans were when time comes to purchase a new phone? Would they go for an iPhone 5, or are they ready to start checking out what else is out there? There are really two ways of conducting an iPhone 5 review. One way is to actually try out the phone itself to see what it has to offer, and the other is to just consume all the information that is available about it.

My first impression was that Apple didn’t do a bad job of upgrading the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5. The new shell for the phone is gorgeous and is probably the most robust one we have even seen on a smartphone. When it comes to the features of it, my iPhone 5 review would be somewhat pale since I don’t personally see a reason why I should get an iPhone 5 just to fit one more row of app icons on my screen, or to get a slightly better camera to shoot my pictures. But let’s go back to my little poll for a second since the results were kind of surprising.

My friends, who have been all about Apple products and would prefer the more solid, robust and designed gadgets they offer, have suddenly had a change of heart for the most part. It’s not that they feel Apple is a lesser company just because the iPhone 5 didn’t live up to their expectations, not at all. It’s because they feel Apple, who prides itself on the fact that it is “always” innovative and on the edge, is no longer adding the most mind boggling features to their prime products.

All of my friends except one said they would actually want to check out an Android phone to once and for all see what it has to offer. It’s a big leap that could cost Apple a lot of revenue. I don’t for a second think that Apple was satisfied with the response the iPhone 5 received (especially not after announcing the new iPod Nano). But an iPhone 5 review that goes through ALL of its new features is quite hard to find right now. Usually people focus on the more important ones, which I personally think is a little bit unfair if you are supposed to do an iPhone 5 review at all.

A fresh infographic from Pontofrio (designed by MestreSEO) called iPhone 5: What’s New? has all of the new features and specs in one single place. It even compares it to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, which I think is a pretty smart move since you will be able to more directly compare the two versions head-to-head with each other and really get a good iPhone 5 review out of it. In order to get a more thorough opinion about the iPhone 5, I highly recommend you have a gander at this iPhone 5 review comparison, and see where it leads you. Is it time to hit up an Android to see what it has to offer, or are you still excited about the new iPhone 5? Will you wait hours in line when it drops into the stores around the world? Let this iPhone 5 review be a guide more than the information that makes your final decision though. The iPhone 5 will most likely be yet another success for Apple, but how big it will be is still uncertain.

Pontofrio’s iPhone 5 Review Specs Comparison


Via: [visual.ly]