iPhone Goes Outlaw – Graffiti Theme

We see them every day, everywhere even though we sometimes hate to look at them we can’t stop. Yup, I am talking about those tacky “X Was Here” tags lacking any kind of design or artsy thought behind them more then a “Look at me I can writer with spray paint” mentality. But, now you might think I hate all graffiti. NO, the ones that look really classy I can live with…however that’s not what this post is about. Someone (Roobi) on the MMi forum actually went ahead and created a cool and quite edgy Graffiti Theme for the iPhone and it looks real good.

The design is pristine but the lack of icons for all the current apps still throws me towards the wall saying nooo. BUt, if someone has the energy to create a Graffiti icon for each app in the App Store I’d be willing to give it a drive. Never the less it’s a great idea and the design (the few icons previewed) is looking really nice!

iPhone Graffiti Theme - 1iPhone Graffiti Theme - 2