Iron Man Dunks Promise To Be The Most Advanced Shoes Yet

We have featured a great deal of sneakers here on Bit Rebels, and so far the response has been great! You guys really seem to like sneakers, and so do we. In order to keep up the momentum, I set out to see if I could find some sneakers that go beyond what a pair of sneakers usually looks like. It’s anything but easy to find something that is not ordinary since everyone tries to get ahead these days. Basically what you’ll find are some high end sneakers with cushions and stuff to support your foot, but nothing that might interest a geek to the degree that we really want here. But don’t think that because of that I haven’t managed to deliver today.

As a matter of fact, with all the Avengers mania that is going on with Iron Man in the front row of it all, it would be pretty cool to share something Iron Man related, right? That is exactly what I have for you guys today. It’s probably the most technologically enhanced sneakers yet, and they are for sale. Let me introduce you to the Iron Man Dunk High Sneakers. They are nothing less than what every sneaker geek needs in their sneaker lineup!

They come fully loaded with technology such as backwards lights, front facing reactor LEDs and a whole lot of Iron Man branding. They sell for $750, but I am saddened to say that at the current time, the creators of them, MoreThanArtToWear, have stopped all orders due to the insane demand for these shoes. Basically, they can’t keep up with the manufacturing of them, but I am sure they will open it up again once they have caught up with orders. Now, have you ever seen shoes this high tech before? I know I haven’t! I was a little surprised that they didn’t include the thrusters on the sole of the shoes. Maybe for the next version…



Via: [Technabob]