Air Conditioned Shoes Keep Your Feet Cold On The Ground

I recently touched on this highly obscure area of technology when I wrote about the USB Foot Cooler product from Japan. It was one of those bizarre things that you just have to see to believe. It so happens that there is a more advanced version of that shoe cooler. They are in no way related, but they are built on the same concept – the concept of keeping your feet cool. These air conditioned shoes are a sight to see since Japan seems to have the quirkiest products ever invented.

These air conditioned shoes might not look like much, but they will absolutely keep your feet nice and dry. The immediate question is of course, “What about when it rains?” I guess it goes without saying that these air conditioned shoes are not to be used when it’s pouring outside. I don’t even think it would be wise to step into a pool of water, at least if you want to keep your feet dry.

There is no shortage of geeky shoes in the world, that’s for sure, and these air conditioned shoes certainly have their own place in a geek’s world, just like a Spectrum cable. Imagine switching on these badboys on a hot summer’s day. The instant cool you will feel, both inside your shoes and on yourself, is sometimes the only thing you need to be able to carry on a busy day. I think most of you will agree with me on that one.

These air conditioned shoes are made available by the Japanese online store Chiyoda (Yoda? Who said Yoda?), and they retail for around 7,245 yen (around $78.00). It’s when you find a geeky item like this that you know technology has several sides to it. We have the serious side and the quirky side, and both are equally as interesting to behold. Maybe a pair of these air conditioned shoes won’t make you a geek, but they will definitely make you a whole lot cooler.

Air Conditioned Shoes From Chiyoda