Javascript – A Multi-Paradigm Coding Language

Latest statistics reveal that more than 89 % of websites currently employ JavaScript as a client-side programming language. It allows you to build responsive websites as well as web applications that work smoothly with popular operating systems and web browsers. It enables you to complete important tasks such as user interaction, browser control, and asynchronous communication.

JavaScript can allow you to use it as a server-side scripting language through Node, Js. You can also use it with HTML 5 and CSS for creating games and web applications. So JavaScript is a dynamic client-side coding language for developing big scale web applications.

It is feature rich, multi-paradigm and a useful browser-based programming language, which has this unique feature that it requires no setup and it is built into the web browser. Here are some major benefits of using JavaScript.

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 It Is Widely Used By Important Web Browsers

 Major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari employ JavaScript. It has also the support of the latest web browsers. So by using JavaScript, the users can easily access the web application as well as all the functionality of the website.

It Is Easy To Write Without Using Any Specific Tool

JavaScript is an interpreted coding language which enables the programmers to code without using any specific program or tool. Writing JavaScript is so easy, just open notepad and start writing it.  What is more, it provides a number of options to identify the mistakes in the code.

It Has The Option Of Reusing The Code

The JavaScript code can be used just by placing the code in separate files.  Next, you save the file with js extension and attach the file with multiple web pages so by using the <script> tag to the HTML code of the page, you can avoid writing additional code.

It Has Large Useful Libraries And Frameworks

JavaScript comes with many libraries and frameworks which give you the option to reduce the time and effort required for building large JavaScript applicants. That is why programmers prefer to use dynamic JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone, Angular JS, React and Ember. So wide range of JavaScript libraries and frameworks enables you to effectuate Bootstrap, GUI development using widgets like DHTMLX, jQurey UI, Angular JS, and DojoWidgets. JavaScript also allows you to use popular template systems like Handlebars, JQuery Mobile, Cascade and Mustache Framework.

It Has Faster Processing

As mentioned earlier, JavaScript is a client-side programming language. Since the code is executed without any server interaction, the processing comparatively occurs faster.  That speed processing enables the web application to keep the subscriber engaged by giving them a richer browsing experience.

Javascript Delivers Updated Response Data From The Server

It uses the XmlHttpRequest API for data recovery.  The API sends HTTPS or HTTP requests to the web server and then load the response in the script. Then based on the response data received from the server, the script can easily update the current web page without loading a new web page.  So the programmer can enhance the web application’s performance by giving updated information to the subscribers without reloading the web page.

Javascript Boost The Website’S Functionality

It enhances the functionality of the web application without putting any extra effort. By using the scripting language, you can create visual effects on the screen, calculate data and make web pages more interactive.  JavaScript also allows you to extend the website’s performance by using third-party scripts. And this flexibility allows you to add out of the box features to the web applications without using extra tools.

It Can Reduce Load On Server

The server-side scripting languages require the server to process the user’s request before it is sent back to them, which can take extra time despite high-speed internet connection. However, when it comes to using JavaScript, its code is processed on the user’s machine, without interacting with the browser, which drastically reduces the strain and load on the web server and thus users get a quick response. Programmers use JavaScript to build large scale websites for proving faster response to subscribers without putting extra strain on the server.

Javascript Enhances Local Caching Without Active Internet Connection

Programmers use JavaScript with HTML5 to enable the users to access websites even without active internet connection. This technology is effective in caching data locally and keep the application active till the restoration of internet connection. Programmers use Kendo UI DataSource to find out changes made to an object which enables the user to use web applications like mobile apps.

Javascript Effectively Works With Other Web Technologies

Not only can JavaScript be used as client side and server side scripting language, but it can also be used as a client-side technology along with some widely used technologies such as Java, PHP, and Perl. It can also be used along with CSS and HtML5 for developing responsive websites on many devices by using the same code base.

Its Shortcomings

While using JavaScript for building web applications and large websites, its code becomes vulnerable to various security attacks. What is more, the code at times can become unpredictable as every particular browser interprets it differently.

Major search engines like Google cannot fully and completely understand the client-side code that can have a negative impact on search engines ranking and visibility.

However, when you become a professional programmer, you will still learn to use JavaScript with web technologies such as CSS and HTML5 and create robust web applications accessible on multiple operating systems, devices and web browsers.  That is why, popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Gmail, and Instagram use JavaScript. Its demand is growing for it is considered necessary for front-end development, back-end development as well as for consumer-facing website.

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