Jet Propulsion Supercars | Speeding Is Imminent

Sports cars get more and more sophisticated and today not even a regular family car can be properly serviced without a certified technician who will be sure to charge you half a fortune just to replace a couple of eroded cords somewhere inside the engine. Every day new technology makes it harder for regular people like you and me to take care of our own things without having to consult a professional. And the way things are looking it won’t be any easier in the future either.

Designer Samir Sadikhov certainly won’t put a stopper on the feverishly ongoing technology breakthroughs. His designs of the next gen sport scars are as cool as it gets, but don’t expect to roll up at the pump at your neighborhood gas station. Nope, for this car you will definitely need a little more “ompf” in the fuel tank.

The concept design he calls “Falcon” is propelled forward by two jet engines located at the back of the vehicle and the car only has two wheels in the front. This is made possible by the moving jet engines, that at the beginning, start off to lift the rear of the car and then pivot backwards slightly to give the car its speed. The concept is genius and doesn’t need any brakes. When the driver is stopping, the jet engines themselves acts like brakes leaning either the opposite way or pulling the car straight up which will give the car a prompt and safe stop.

We can only speculate what the price will be if something like this is created. I am pretty sure if this is ever built, will first see it on the race tracks. It would certainly give the sport a new perspective and an even more thrilling entertainment form…