Kinect Hack: The New Way To Play Space Invaders

The genius invention, Kinect, has been in the headlines for quite some time now, and we are all loving it. One hack after another goes viral, and you can really tell that the Kinect technology appeals to the minds of computer geeks. In the beginning, the hacks were somewhat basic, but they have evolved to become pure life changers in a way. Just look at all the user interfaces that are starting to emerge for the Kinect. They are anything but boring and old. There are plenty of hacks out there that imitate the interface portrayed in the Minority Report movie.

Steve Jobs says it’s a stupid way to use a computer, yet people seem to be drawn to it. Maybe it is because of the futuristic feel it has, and the new experience it offers. After all, it’s the users that call the shots when it comes to making something successful on a large scale. But will it really work with all the software that we are using today? I mean, pretty much all the large software corporations want their stuff to be backwards compatible, and I wonder if Microsoft has thought of that when it comes to the Kinect. If not, then I am sure that the hackers messing around with its technology will. I am almost certain of it.

As a matter of fact, they already are. With a few creative changes and a new interface to speak to the Kinect technology, some guys in France (during the ElectoShock Festival in Bourgoin) showcased their very own Kinect hack enabling you to play Space Invaders in a whole new way. What you basically do is enter a marked box on the floor, and then start moving your arms to control the tank to shoot the invaders.

That’s exactly how a game should work. No complicated patterns or gestures, just simple and straight forward moving of the arms up and down. Not only do I think we’ll see a definite decrease in overweight children (and even adults), but with the Kinect, we’re definitely moving towards healthier times. If you are like me, super addicted to everything that has to do with the Kinect, then you should definitely have a look at the Kinect Hacks website. They feature everything (and I mean, everything!) that has to do with hacking the Kinect. If it is not there, it’s not worth checking out anyway.

Kinect Space Invaders Game Hack