Lasonic iPhone Ghetto Blaster | Next Gen Boom Box!

When I was young there was cool stuff and then there was “Cool” stuff. A stereo blaster was called, directly translated, “Mauntain Blower” and it meant you were having a huge tape player with some fancy buttons to adjust the eq and a lot of other things. Usually it had some band equalizers as well as the largest ever volume button to emphasize that the tape player could sounds louder than anything else.

People used to take them with them to school to brag and what not and it soon became the new cool. Then came the pocket version, Freestyle or Walkman, and those became the new cool. Even though the Walkman has been reinvented a thousand times the boom box has never had it’s return really. Maybe it’s because it isn’t so appealing carrying around a 20 pound tape player wherever you’re going.

But, the cool is now back and Lasonic is first up with their own take on the old school ghetto boom box. The cool thing about it is that it truly has that ghetto feel and true weight. What’s different about it is that it no longer plays them old tape cassettes they once did. Instead you pop your iPhone in there and the blaster will start playing songs from your iTunes library. Can it be any more easy and cool?

The amount of fancy buttons and functions is just staggering and the sound seems to be just awesome. I mean, why else would it be called the Ghetto Blaster right? The Lasonic i931 iPhone Ghetto Blaster will go on sale in the middle of 2010 and will cost around $149. You can also use USB and SD Cards with songs on them as media if you don’t have an iPhone or an i-“antyhing”.

I am so getting one when they’re coming out. Just sporting one of those in the studio is just ghetto cred right there. I’ll be the king of iPhone gadgets…err…