LCD Faucet: Water Goes Digital!

If you are planning to geek out your home, and if you are looking for inspiration, you are about to get inspired. Sure, a cool coffee table and a couple of pixel walls are going to bring the level up a lot, but nothing speaks geek as much as an original way of pouring your water when you get thirsty. The “analog” faucet has many shapes and styles but don’t you, just like me, think that it is time to upgrade that little lifesaver?

So if I say “No More No Less Faucet” do you still think it’s going to bring things up a notch in your home? Probably not, but I tell you, what designer Jasper Hou has developed is nothing less than the only faucet I ever want in my house. It’s a faucet with a digital LCD screen, and it will tell you everything about your water.

It will tell you the temperature of your water and the amount poured. It even has a 30 second timer to keep you from wasting water. Now you don’t need your water company to tell you how much you’ve used. You can simply add this to your faucets, and you’ll be the one telling them. It has a total amount poured counter as well. This thing is almost as much fun as tweeting. Err, maybe not, but I am sure it will be addicting. This brings me to the question of whether it really will save us water, or if we will play with it and use more, just to see the numbers increase. Hm, maybe it’s just me being geeky again…