LED iPhone 5 Case Displays Pixelated Messages On Its Back

Time for another case? Yup, I would have to answer yes to that question. However, this time around it’s not just any old case. It’s all about the futuristic look and feel along with features never before available. iPhone cases easily get old, and the abundance of them doesn’t make it any easier to choose the ones interesting enough to write about. There have been a few LED iPhone 5 cases on the market. Usually they only use their LED lights to notify the owner that it’s ringing, or that he or she has gotten a message. But there is a whole new line of creative LED iPhone 5 cases that will make all of its predecessors look like yesterday’s news. An LED iPhone 5 case presented at CES 2013 boasts a few features that put it in the spotlight.

This innovative LED iPhone 5 case is called the Endliss Smartcase, and it is a groundbreaking iPhone case from uNu Electronics Inc. The case just became the highly prestigious International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards honoree at CES 2013. That’s no doubt because the case is both innovative and highly useful. When the iPhone is turned “off,” the case will work as a notification billboard and alert you of any incoming messages or social media interaction. That way, you won’t have to frantically check your iPhone every once in a while for fear of missing something important.

This LED iPhone 5 case is not yet a commercial product, but uNu is hard at work putting it together as we speak. They have a long line of groundbreaking iPhone, iPad and Android cases in their backpack, so realizing this should be relatively easy. Regardless of the price, I think a lot of iPhone users are looking forward to buying this case when it comes out, which will hopefully be later this year. Whether or not it will be even more advanced than their product design renders suggest is hard to say. Hopefully we’ll have a whole lot of pixels to play with on this LED iPhone 5 screen located on the back of our iPhones when it is finally released.

Endliss Smartcase – LED iPhone 5 Case