Levitating Glass Just Took Drinking To Another Level

In the world of Harry Potter, anything is possible. It’s because of all the movie trickery of course. For us ordinary, deadly and unexciting muggles, the reality is a little bit different. That is until you have a look at the sorcery a new Kickstarter project has infused into regular drink cups. You might feel the need for this levitating glass is a little bit exaggerated, and you might be correct. However, you can’t deny the fact that it looks amazingly magical. Just like any other zero-gravity tech invention.

These gravity-defying glasses have become a huge hit on Kickstarter and with over 23 days to go, the campaign is already halfway to reaching its goal. That says a lot about the popularity of a concept like this. Many would probably deem these glasses unnecessary and a waste of money. However, you have to look at them from an innovative perspective. There are not many levitating glasses like these, and they now come in all kinds of variations.

The innovation is called Levitating CUP but, as mentioned above, they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. You can choose between everything from ice cream cups to more expensive whiskey glasses. They are all, of course, levitating.

Don’t expect to be buying a full set of six per set anytime soon, though. They start at $129.00 per levitating base and then you will have to add a levitating glass to that for another $139.00 if I am correct.

Not exactly the cheapest of glasses and cups that you can buy. But if you want to dazzle your guests then a thick wallet has always been the way to do it. Then again, the wow-factor of these levitating glasses are probably not that long lived. Sure, at first they may impress your guests if they can’t see the levitating glass base mounted underneath your table. If that is the kind of impression you want to make, then, by all means, go ahead.

Personally, I think this levitating glass concept is kind of cool. A little bit overpriced, heck yeah, but nonetheless quite cool. What do you think? Are they worth their price or are they just another useless “I am so cool”-gadget? Let us know in the comment section below.

Levitating Glass – Drinking With A Splash Of Magic

Levitating Glass Kickstarter Project

Levitating Glass Kickstarter Project

Levitating Glass Kickstarter Project

Levitating Glass Kickstarter Project

Levitating Glass Kickstarter Project



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    Robin 5 years

    I vote no. Inevitable to be accidents and too costly. Good meal, great company and no illusions. Cups on the tables please. :)