Lifehacking Smartphone Tips For Dire Survival Situations [Infographic]

There is always the chance that something unexpected could happen to you. When it does, you can find yourself in a situation that requires you to become MacGyver in order to survive. There have been plenty of these stories told in the media over the years, and it’s always fascinating to see how people manage to survive. One thing is clear though, and that is no matter what, you will have to use everything at your disposal in order to get to the next day and ride it out.

Eventually there will be someone coming for you. But until then, you might have to start realizing that your smartphone, which of course doesn’t have a reception where you are, is going to be your tool for survival. In this situation, these lifehacking smartphone tips might just come in handy.

So what can you really do with a smartphone when it is either out of power or there is no reception? Well, these lifehacking smartphone tips will tell you exactly what you could do in order to survive. There are plenty of useful things hiding within that shell of your smartphone, so why not use them, right? These lifehacking smartphone tips aren’t that advanced either, which makes this even more awesome. You will quickly find that you are not left without options if you are still carrying that little brick of awesomeness with you.

Survival is a not a choice, it’s an automatic safety feature that we humans harbor deep in our subconscious. It’s not triggered until we are in the right conditions, and the only fuel it needs to continue is hope itself. You have probably seen a million of those survival shows on the Discovery Channel and thought you could do that as well. After all, who doesn’t know a few lifehacking smartphone tips, right? But the reality of it is that as soon as you are in such a situation, your brain goes numb. You start thinking about every bad thing that could happen to you instead of thinking about all the good things at your disposal. This is a common experience that almost all the people who have survived one of these endeavors tells us about.

This infographic called How To Upcycle Your Broken Mobile Phone Parts Into Survival Tools is brought to us by Anson Alex (design by Natalie Bracco) and is a good attempt at educating us all on what goodies lie hidden within our power gadgets. These lifehacking smartphone tips are carefully explained and are sure to give you a fighting chance if you find yourself in a situation which requires some advanced survival tools and skills. This will definitely keep you alive long enough until someone either realizes you are gone or comes to your rescue.

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Via: [Daily Infographic]