Light Blue Optics | Enables “Touch” on ANY flat Surface!

There is a huge race going on out there when it comes to Touch Screens and Touch Surfaces. Everyone has their own take on the ever so mesmerizing technology and some think that we’ll have glass walls all over the world that will enable us to do our daily work right on the windows or doors at home or at work. Some are working furiously on creating larger and more advanced touch screen phones and computers to satisfy our need for the coming of the “Minority Report” age. But, we also have the ones that believe anything should be turned into a touch screen / surface and as it seems it is a dead on tie between them all.

While Apple is working on their heavily anticipated “Apple Tablet” and Microsoft is pushing their new technology “Surface” to the masses, Light Blue Optics is silently demonstrating their advanced “touch any surface” technology to the small masses.

While I don’t see Light Blue Optics becoming the leader in the race without any significant funding, their technology still speaks to me and in my own little way I can see where their technology could be heading of they really spent a little more time on developing the speed of it. I am sure that with a more powerful processor and some new algorithms their system can be lightning fast in comparison to some of the other technologies.

What I think manufacturers don’t think about is the “instant response” factor that the consumers are after. After looking at countless demonstrations of different touch screens and surfaces, it’s quite apparent to me that each “public” user, when asked to try it out, does everything too fast which renders the technology looking rather old and inferior. We are used to an instant response system on a regular computer and I don’t think that we will regress to just doing everything slowly just because the technology isn’t up to par with our working speed.

However, the technologies of “Touch” is awesomely interesting and I can’t wait to see what will come hereafter and what will be the ultimate solution. Maybe if they all worked together on something we all would benefit from it’s superior design. But, as I don’t see that happening on this side of the millennium, so maybe we’ll just sit back and let them do their battles and just appreciate the winner. Or?