Low And High Tech Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Performance

Whether you’re seeing too many empty tables during the dinner rush or simply think you can do a little better, every restaurant has room for improvement. There are both low and high tech solutions to boost your business — here are some suggestions that will help improve your restaurant’s performance.

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High-Tech – Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software reduces the amount of time it takes for restaurants to create a schedule by 80%. Not only is this process significantly streamlined, but it eases a common pain point and creates a betterschedule.

It also does a lot more than simply create schedules. This is software to help manage your workforce as well as provide vital information about costs, expenses, and more. It’s a cloud-based app that employees can access on their phone, so communications are always convenient and natural.

Don’t think that because staff download restaurant scheduling software on their phone that employees are taking their work home with them — they’ll love the ability to submit leave requests on the go, and know their schedule right away so they can plan around work.

Restaurant scheduling software will help you comply with labour costs, time-clocking, and other functions, while unlocking key insights into how your restaurant can perform better. So while faster schedule creation frees up your employees so they can work where they’re truly needed, the app itself improves your restaurant’s performance in several other important ways too.

Low Tech – Old-Fashioned Motivation And Support

Restaurants are about people: customers frequent your restaurant to eat well among great company, and managers need to connect with the people on their team to improve the way they work together, both among themselves and when engaging with the clientele.

Leadership and interpersonal skills are intangibles that are hard to reduce to a single talking point. But there are concrete steps you can take to get the most out of your staff, and make your restaurant a happier and more productive place to work:

  • Listen carefully to your staff: they’ll tell you what’s happening at a ground level, and they’ll appreciate being heard.
  • Create contests or work incentives: sparking fun competition that actually rewards them will improve morale and boost sales.
  • Train them properly: if you set people up for failure, you can’t blame them for failing. Train them properly, show trust in them, and they’ll have the know-how and the motivation to succeed.
  • Lead by example: don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty doinglower jobs on the pecking order, especially if there’s a rush and your team needs help. All employees should be inspired when they see that their manager isn’t above doing grunt work.

Getting the best performance out of contemporary restaurants requires the right technology, such as apps which really simplify important processes and improve performance. But the human dimension can’t be ignored either, and a manager’s people-skills need to create an environment where staff are motivated to grow, learn, and enjoy working. If you accomplish both of these aims, your restaurant should improve soon.

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