The Creative Use Of iPads In The Restaurant Industry

Despite the number of new smart devices entering the market, the Apple iPad remains a useful device, not only in the eyes of personal users but businesses as well. It is not uncommon for corporations to use the iPad as part of their business ecosystem. In fact, solutions built with iPads at their core are more common than ever.

The use of iPads in the retail industry is interesting to follow. There has been some creative usage of the tablet already, and we are going to take a look at some of the most creative in this article.

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Table Entertainment System

Restaurants and retail establishments are always trying to find ways to improve the customer experience. [pullquote]One of the more successful methods seen implemented by top restaurants is adding an iPad as an entertainment outlet.[/pullquote]

Each table has its own iPad and a carefully-designed audio system. Customers can then browse through movies and TV series – and of course a wealth of other content – to enjoy while dining. It is an unusual approach of enhancing the dining experience, but it is an approach that works well nonetheless.

With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime now supporting multiple devices, it is easier for retailers and restaurants to deliver this type of entertainment to their customers. The iPad is the perfect device for the job thanks to its high quality screen and suitable size.

iPad Point Of Sale

Older Point of Sale (PoS) systems are being replaced by modern solutions, and many of them use an iPad as the main input device. Using a touch-based tablet like an iPad for PoS brings a number of advantages, including faster input and higher accuracy.

Systems such as Lavu POS are built from the ground up to be used on an iPad. The PoS systems support more than just order taking too. The system is fully integrated, allowing retailers and restaurants to split checks, manage tables and employees, and process payments.

Visual, Interactive Menus

[pullquote]While the use of iPads for PoSis becoming more common, several restaurants and retail outlets are now allowing customers to interact with their ordering system directly.[/pullquote] The trend was made popular by Asian (mostly Korean) restaurants, but it is making its way to more outlets as well.

Instead of giving a server an order, customers can access a visual menu directly on a table-mounted iPad. They can customize their dishes and hit the Order icon to finalize their orders. The system will then pick up orders from each table and process them accordingly.

This level of interactivity is also said to be the future of iPad implementation in the retail and restaurant industries. Kiosks, food trucks, and pop-up stores, for example, can let customers place their orders directly on an iPad. It transforms the whole purchase experience and enables customers to be more involved.

These are just three examples of how the Apple iPad is being used in the restaurant industry. More creative implementation ideas are being developed as we speak, so expect to see iPads used by more restaurants and retailers in the near future.

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The Creative Use Of iPads In The Restaurant Industry

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