MAGFAST Reviews Show Excitement For New Products

When was the last time you heard someone say that they loved their charger? If you’re like most people, the answer is “never.” More likely than not, you’ve heard a seemingly endless array of complaints about not having the right connector at the right time, a dead phone at an inopportune moment, a screaming child in the backseat of a car on a road trip or at a restaurant who can’t be distracted by a tablet, or one of the many other inconveniences that can be caused by being (literally) powerless to improve the situation.

However, one company is out to change that. MAGFAST, founded by visionary CEO Seymour Segnit, has created a fleet of powerful products that rethink the charging experience from the ground up.

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The MAGFAST Difference

It’s all in the name. MAGFAST is short for MAGnetic and FAST, and that’s what the devices are; they magnetically snap together to charge each other, doing away with the convoluted series of cables and outlets typically needed to simply keep charging devices ready to go when you need them most.

The only cables you’ll need are the USB type A or C, Lightning, or MicroUSB adapters used to connect phones, tablets, and other items to the MAGFAST charger. However, if your device supports Qi Wireless, you can simply place it on top of the charger to get a truly elegant, unwired experience.

With the MAGFAST Family of chargers, you can free up your outlets at home, eliminate e-waste, and even jump-start your car in the event that your battery dies on you using MAGFAST Extreme and its powerful 12V outputs.

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What The World Is Saying

As the MAGFAST Family of products inches ever closer to completion, with updates to its supporters on a weekly basis, backers, fans, and users of the founders’ last invention are weighing by leaving MAGFAST reviews on the journey they’re all taking together.

Jimmie Harris writes, “When I originally crowdfunded this company, the shipping estimates, and product had changed. It’s since seen a number of major upgrades. The shipping date has changed due to manufacturing issues, as commonly happens with any new small business going into production for the first time. I contacted customer support over my concerns over a product that was changed or what I thought was going to be an additional item that needed to be purchased.

The MAGFAST team explained to me in detail that one of the core items for the pro kit was updated to a more beneficial item as an upgraded version. Their customer service representative was able to clear up any misinformation and confusion and reassured me. It’s highly recommended to contact the company directly and speak at length to them about any of your concerns. It’s my experience [that] they are willing to make anything right with your crowdfunded preorder.

Jennifer Carrera writes, “I absolutely love the designs, especially the reasoning behind why the USB-A ports are situated the way they are. I also love interacting with the MAGFAST staff. They are attentive to every detail and care very much about their mission. So happy to be following them and to be a part of their growth. Good job; super excited for production to be complete and to receive my MAGFAST Family!

Janet Schmidt writes, “I have been following. I pre-ordered the most awesome charger that you may ever buy. It does everything, it is slim, and it is very futuristic. It can accommodate the new USB-C type charging, USB-A, and Qi wireless charging. Right from the beginning, I have been keeping up with the changes they have been making along the way. They send out videos showing you any new changes and how the new technology works.

I have never seen such a small company pay such close attention to detail or to their customers. I am so excited because they are getting so close to finally releasing their product, but I also know they won’t release it until they are 100 percent… happy with the final product. I would recommend this product to everyone I know. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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