Does It Make Sense To Put A Google Home In Your Car?

What is google home? A device under the google Nest brand, that enables users to speak voice commands to interact with services through the company’s assistant, Google Assistant. This device is a speaker and its purpose is to organize and manage things all from just one place. In addition to the voice commands, the speaker has a limited set of physical controls. Changing volume, muting microphones, and playing music are all things you can do with it.

Vehicles are getting more and more complicated. With so many gadgets, it’s almost impossible to fix your own vehicle. Luckily, Mechanical breakdown insurance california can take care of most everything. However, there are still reasons that you might actually need to add MORE gadgets to your vehicle: None can quite bring the functionality of having a Google Home along with you!

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Differently from google home in your house, in your car, as with all car audio, the need for and improvement of mic depends on the design and speaker quality. But even for older model cars, these devices include an auxiliary-out jack in case your car does not have Bluetooth.

Some reasons you may want to include google home in your car is as follows. It provides better microphones if you have trouble getting your phone to pick up your voice. Next, it enables wireless audio from your phone to the stereo if your car only has an auxiliary jack. Lastly, it acts as a charger, which will charge faster in your car. The main features of the google home in your car allow users to let Google Assistant help with navigation, cues up songs,  send text messages, enable hands-free calling, and control smart home devices as well.

To start, some phone speakers are not very clear so having the google assistant hear through the device is a plus. Generally, it will pick up your voice a lot more clearly. For example, you can tap a physical button or use google voice command to let Google Assistant navigate to destinations. Forget the days of using a flashlight or magnifying glass and looking at a road map. Nowadays, GPS installed in cars is the way to go.

It is much more simple to enter an address to get directions to that destination. With google home in your car, finding your way around with something that will help you navigate turn by turn directions without having to look at your phone is not only functional, but it is also safe. Many times people are driving and trying to type in addresses. However,  by using an assistant in the car, it is easy to say, “hey google, direct me to X location”. Or, “hey google, how far am I to a gas station?” Altogether, it is very functional and safe.

Next, playing music in your car with the Assistant has never been easier. Remember the days of hand-selecting and tuning your car to your favorite stations? Now, you can ask it to play all your favorite songs easily. For example, “hey google, play circle of life by john elton”. Rather than flipping through on your phone, or having to take your eyes off the road, simply task the Assistant to find the song you want to hear.

One of the best features of using a google home mini in your car is the ability to send and receive incoming text messages. Texting and driving has become such a problem and primary reason for car accidents nowadays. If you have the Assistant, it is much easier to stay in tune with your text messages. Obviously, if reading and receiving text messages can wait, that should be the first choice.

Texting and driving is never condoned but for those busy bees on the go, it may be very vital to know what and who is texting you. Simply put, you can say “hey google, read me my text message notifications.” or “hey google, tell my wife I am picking up dinner, so she doesn’t have to cook”. This allows the driver to still be in a position of avoiding any unnecessary accidents.

To conclude, the easiest way to get google home in your car is to purchase a car with android auto. This is not practical so another way is to install an android auto app on your phone and use it with a car mount. The best option may be to purchase an inexpensive device that google has launched which mimics the google home. I.e. google mini for your car. It is an easy and affordable way to get Google Assistant into your automobile.

The device is on standby all the time so you do not have to unlock your phone to utilize Assistant. If you use this device, it also does not consume a lot of your battery since you do not have to consistently open your phone. Overall, having google home in your car is pretty great. It allows one to do most everything hands-free which in turn makes driving a lot safer.

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