The Lamp Of A Million Choices | Hexa Nest

For some unknown reason I am a sucker for light and therefore, lamps. It’s like I am drawn to them and the weirder they are the more I like them. I am always trying to refine or modify the light sources around my workstation. After all it feeds my inspiration. Lamps, unfortunately, don’t come cheap but to invest in your inspiration is one of the best things you can do as a designer. My entire profession draws ideas from my inspiration and thus yields income. Anything I can do to stimulate that is probably a good investment don’t you think?

This new concept from designer Hsiso-Yuan Huang is one of the most creative ideas I have seen in a while. The creative design isn’t really the entire story about this “Hexa Nest” lamp. It’s much more than that. First off, the hexagon shapes are meant to give you a cozy, feeling of home. Somewhat like the bee hive structure does for the bees. What’s even more amazing is that in those hexagon holes fits some hexagon shaped rubber lamps. Each hole has it’s own brightness. You simply put the hexagon lamps wherever you want and feel is most appropriate for you and the room.

What this means is that you really have about a million different settings and the design of the lamp probably would brighten up any room if placed in the right spot. It is totally a piece worth talking about during your next dinner party. Also referred to as the “honeycomb” lamp, this piece of concept design isn’t yet to be purchased. However, with such a great response as it has gotten when presented, there is no doubt that it will go into production soon. But, you can be quite sure that the lamp will first be available in Asia, most likely Korea, before Europe or America will see the light of it.