Max Polyakov’s EOS Named Newest Member Of International Astronautical Federation

Max Polyakov’s EOS has become the newest member to join the exclusive International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Inductions to the federation happen annually at the International Astronautical Congress. For EOS, it happened during International Astronautical Congress 2017 in Australia.

The federation that coordinated collaboration between nations, companies, and organizations was first established in early 1951. Its goal then was the same at it is now, to help advance space technology and to come up with rule and regulations to ensure that access to orbit and beyond remains safe and accessible.

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The annual congress is a place for scientists and engineers to unite on Earth through their love of the stars. It has grown from its humble beginnings to now include hundreds of members from 66 countries. The most recent company to join the club is EOS, founded by Max Polyakov in 2016.

[pullquote]EOS uses a cloud-based platform to perform analytics of images from satellite and other remote Earth observation tools to provide valuable information for both commercial or public use.[/pullquote] Max Polyakov founded the company not only to see the current state of the Earth, but to track the pulse of the planet that we all call home.

Apart from the general lectures, workshops, and exhibits, attendees at the conference were able to network with other key players in the field. Lectures focused on the most recent developments in communication, launch systems, and space exploration.

In speaking about the importance of including everyone in the effort, Johann-Dietrich Woerner said, “We are going far. And, I think the time of vanities and races in space is over. Let’s cooperate for the sake of mankind.”

This idea has been echoed by Max Polyakov many times. Noosphere Ventures, the parent company of EOS, was built on the idea that we need to work together as a human race to discover new knowledge and share it with each other in order to build a better world.

Near the end of the conference, there was an opportunity for members to recognize new members. It was here that EOS was recognized as a member organization of the federation. As CEO of EOS, Max Polyakov accepted a commemorative plaque and a unique commemorative flag for the 60th anniversary of the IAF on the company’s behalf.

Max Polyakov is eager to begin making contributions to the other members of the IAF. As a member of the AIF, EOS will be able to vote in the general assembly to establish international policies, and can even host future events. Max Polyakov’s EOS is hoping that it will be able to host an IAF conference in the future, further extending its ability to contribute to the industry.

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