Memo Note Timer Pins Alert You When A Deadline Approaches

Have you ever been so busy that in order to remember everything you’ve had to write it all down on small notes that you then scatter all across your pin board or cork board? Sticky notes are another way to approach it of course, but those have a tendency to unstick and become an annoyance instead. Nah, small memo notes are way better, and you will be able to keep track of all of them better. The one thing I have never enjoyed about sticky notes or memo notes is that even though you scribble a certain deadline on them, you still almost never remember. They just sit there silently on your cork board awaiting your attention.

There has to be a better way, right? There is! Just have a look at these genius memo note timer pins. They will totally reinvent the use of memo notes altogether. So what is it that is so unique about these memo note timer pins? We can start by saying, everything. That’s right, they are a complete remake of the ordinary pins so many of us use every single day. These will enable you to set a time and then just stick your note on your pin board or cork board. When your deadline comes, it will light up and alert you that you have to pay attention to its particular content immediately. It’s such an ingenious invention, and I can’t believe no one has thought of it before. The execution is quite beautiful as well. It’s so sleek and yet so ordinary.

This genius idea, called It’s Time To Read Me, comes from innovator Kim Sung Min and has been awarded the red dot award for best design concept. I am sure that Kim is furiously working on getting this product to the market as soon as possible. However, for now, it’s just a concept design that I think has huge potential. I can see myself with a pin board full of these pins and picking them off as they light up. This is a futuristic concept that will become a great help for project management groups all around the world. It’s a great idea with great design execution.

Kim Sing Min’s Memo Note Timer Pin

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