Mercedes Future 2040 Model | No Rolling Wheels?

I have been working furiously to finish things up here at the office and after a couple of days of constant coding and file moving, I decided to take few hours to get inspired again. I usually just aimlessly browse the web in hopes of finding something that will trigger all my senses so that I get that superb adrenaline boost once again in order to continue working without having to stop and get a couple of hours of sleep.

This time it really paid off. I found this really cool concept Mercedes that is hopefully due in 2040 sometime. The car is, of course, probably never to be created or even conceptualized in a working life size model but the idea of it is quite remarkable. It doesn’t matter how much I look at it, it is beautiful, but I just couldn’t figure out how the wheels worked until I looked a little closer on one of the photos.

It seems like the wheels are entirely encapsulated inside the body of the car only making the very surface that hits the tarmac clear for the onlookers view. I wonder if that makes the car more or less drivable when it’s raining outside or why that feature has been incorporated. It could also just be a design feature but Mercedes usually has their act together and only adds features that have a purpose.

After looking at these pictures for a while it dawned on me that the car is dauntingly similar to the cars in the movie “Speed Racer” by the Wachowski brothers released back in 2009… a visual wonder of colors and function. I doubt that this car will have any of the features incorporated in the Speed Racer cars but the look is quite similar I think.

The car is said to be a concept car designed by Derek Chik Kin Ng and is called “Merc Cyborg“. It will be up for release in 2040 and it is targeting the off road professional adventurers but as I mentioned earlier, this is of course just a way to get attention. It’s a way to show off their high level of design awareness and ingenuity. Although, I like it!

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