Microsoft First To Bring Us 360 Degree Touchable Holograms

2012 is going to be an exciting year when you look at what some companies are saying they are bringing to the table for us users. There is so much innovation going on that we can’t stop being excited about what kind of gadgets might come out of all this innovation. One thing is for certain though, and that is, we will see a whole new set of technologies coming onto the market this year. At least this is true if you look at what all the attending companies at the CES convention are saying they will showcase. But as we know, just because they demo their latest technology, that doesn’t really mean that we will see it on the market anytime soon. But we can always hope, right?

One thing in particular that people are overly excited about is Microsoft’s announcement that they have managed to create the first 360 degree touchable holograms. If you are a huge Star Wars fan like me, you know that ever since you saw Luke Skywalker watch the hologram video by Princess Leia, you’ve been wondering when you would see holograms in real life. Sure, we have seen them in movies over and over again, but the technology to create real ones has not really measured up to the ones in the movies.

Judging by this video released recently by Microsoft, things are definitely moving in the right direction. I just find it amazing that we will soon be able to mess about with a 3D object as if we were touching a real physical object in real time. Whenever this will be incorporated into our daily lives is of course really hard to say, but the uses are unlimited and it could possibly alter the way we do everything on a computer in the future. This prototype is very limited in its resolution, but I think the reason for that is they are researching the interaction part right now, suggesting the resolution of the images isn’t really going to be much of a problem. By the looks of it, we are definitely closing in on real world interactive holograms. Badass!

Microsoft 360 Degree Touchable Holograms

Via: [DVICE]