Mobile Load Time vs. User Expectations [Infographic]

Yes, that is correct! We do not have a mobile site, and the reason for that is because we think we are too good for it. Nah, just kidding. We’re working on getting one up that will allow for our readers to check out our geeky content through a more minimized format. We know that downloading our site on a mobile device can be quite a time sink; however, we have gone to great lengths in order to shrink the website in order for our mobile users to download the site faster. As a matter of fact, we have shrunk the site by more than 3 times since we first launched it. However, you can expect us to have a mobile site up in the near future.

When it comes to mobile sites though, there are plenty of expectations out there. It isn’t always the easiest of tasks to take the online experience on a regular computer to a mobile device without losing some of the site’s magic or mojo in the process. Many times the site that a user likes to visit on a computer loses its appeal when shrunk into a mobile version, and that is exactly what we here at Bit Rebels want to avoid. Of course, we will be doing our best to accommodate your needs, and a mobile site will be online before you know it.

There is actually quite a lot of research going into this field around the world. Multinational companies literally pour a bunch of cash into it in order to make sure their site is mobile friendly. However, the load times aren’t always to the user’s expectations, and that kind of breaks the whole idea of having a mobile site. StrangeLoop dug into this pile of research and pulled together an infographic that might shed some light on the matter. Use this as a tool rather than just a statistic, and you can be sure to make some solid decisions for your own mobile site. A fast loading mobile site isn’t always good if the content and experience of it is compromised, if you know what I mean.

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Mobile Load Time vs Expectations

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