Watch The Evolution Of Gaming Controllers Unfold Before Your Eyes

There is a lot that can be written about gaming controllers and even though I would really like to cover every single detail here in this article I am afraid it is too much for it to even make sense. When it comes to evolution, electronic devices are definitely one of the most mesmerizing things you can look at to see the incredible technological advances we have made. These two impressive evolutionary morphing GIFs should keep you busy for a while.

I remember writing a few articles about infographics that incorporated evolutionary timelines for the bulk of gaming controllers available today. They were definitely helpful and peaked at least my own interest. However, I have to say that when you see the evolution unfold before your eyes it is a whole other different thing, especially when it is as beautifully done as in these two animated GIFs.

These morphing GIFs depict the evolution of two gaming controllers namely the ones supplied by the XBox and Playstation gaming consoles. It is truly neat seeing how buttons and joysticks are moved around on the gaming controllers in order to make them more optimized and add to the gamer’s immersive experience. It is too bad that we could not see the components within these gaming controllers being moved around as well. I am sure that would be the only thing that would make these animated morphs even better, or at least that is what we think here at Bit Rebels.

It is going to be interesting to see what the future holds and how further optimizations will affect the overall look of these gaming controllers. I am sure that once we see more advanced reactive and immersive devices being invented, we’ll also see them added to the overall gaming experience, which of course means they will be added to the controllers themselves. When that will happen we will just have to wait and see what the future has to offer. There are actually several new and immersive gaming accessories being invented as we speak. It remains a question when these brands will pick them up though – Morphs created by Gadget Love.

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Gadget Love’s Morphing Evolution Of Gaming Controllers

 Gaming Controllers Evolution Morph

Gaming Controllers Evolution Morph

Gaming Controllers Evolution Morph

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