Smart Shirt Visually Morphs To Fit Your Every Endeavor

Wearable technology is increasing in popularity, and we can see that with devices like smartwatches that are increasing in popularity. It’s no longer a matter if we’ll have technology incorporated into whatever we wear, it’s more a matter of when that is going to happen. Wearable technology helps us optimize things in a way we previously were not able to do, and that is something that Vernon Chen and Joanne Lim Jin Xuan are definitely showing with their new concept smart shirt.

If you live a somewhat moderately active life, you know you sometimes have to change your clothes, especially your shirt, several times a day. This is something that is not only unoptimized timewise, but also an annoyance that can prevent you from feeling complete immersion in what you are doing. The Plexus, which is the name of this quite intriguing smart shirt, is a solution that could become quite popular in the future.

The smart shirt is of course just a concept at this time, but it uses opening and closing louvers, which are also pixelated nano particles that are able to change their color and pattern in order to morph the shirt so that it’a suitable for any event you might have coming up next. The solution is both elegant and high tech, and it really pushes wearable technology to the very limit.

It’s easy to imagine people walking into rooms where the smart shirt itself downloads the dress code and morphs into a fitting color and pattern. This way, we can all optimize our time to the fullest. The opening and closing louvers on the shirt keep you perfectly cooled at any time so that you don’t feel sweaty and icky just because you’re wearing the same shirt all day long.

Whether or not this smart shirt will ever become reality is of course another question that I am sure many people are asking themselves as they are reading this. Only the creators of it know if or when they will be able to make this an actual product for all of us to wear.

Pattern & Color Morphing Smart Shirt Concept

Plexus Morphing Smart Shirt

Plexus Morphing Smart Shirt

Plexus Morphing Smart Shirt

Plexus Morphing Smart Shirt

Via: [Yanko Design]