Motivational Exercise Technology You Didn’t Know You Needed

The past decade has seen an explosion in smart technology — technology that transforms our lifestyles in ways we never thought possible. Smart gadgets have found their way into all industries, and health and fitness is no exception.

The goal of smart tech is to make your life better and easier. To enrich it with new opportunities. That concept couldn’t be more appealing for the often challenging world of fitness. Anything that can make your workouts feel more effective is going to be a huge motivational boost. But what kind of technology is available to enhance your workout routines?

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Smart Weights

Everything is being adapted into smart technology, and smart weights are only the latest in a long line of advanced fitness gadgets that can help you get a better workout. The technology features integrated Bluetooth functionality built into the weights, which pairs with a mobile app. Every time you lift, the app tracks your weight progression, your reps, and set history, and it advises on how to improve your performance.

The weights also feature new-age adjustable technology. Instead of removing and adding plates, the dumbbell bar is locked into a unit featuring multiple plates. You adjust the weight requirements of the unit and lift the bar. Whatever plates are required for the movement are left attached to the bar while the rest are left in the unit.

Body Fat Monitors

Bodyweight is not actually a healthy measurement of fitness improvements. You can lose weight without losing body fat through the loss of water and muscle mass. Body fat monitoring is the best way to track your weight loss success, but it used to be something you could only measure at the doctor’s office or in your gym.

These days, body fat monitors are becoming widely available pieces of workout tech, in the form of patches that you attach to your body. These measure body fat beneath the skin, allowing you to track your health and monitor how much body fat you’re losing through your exercise regime.

Fitness Watches

Fitness watches are very popular, but they’re certainly not for everyone. The fitness watch has taken on a fairly uniform design across brands — thin, sleek, and more like a wristband than an actual watch. The design has seen many early adopters, but it has also alienated others. Now we’re seeing the emergence of fitness watches that incorporate the more traditional style of analogue timepieces — circular dials with ticking hands all combined with smart technology designed to track and monitor your workouts.

These are a great option for those that want to get more information on their exercise routines but don’t care for the typical fitness watch.

Hydration Trackers

Hydration is very important for exercise. It does so many things besides satisfying thirst. Good hydration makes it easier for your body to carry nutrients around your system and deliver them where they’re needed. Hydration also lubricates your joints and energizes your muscles. You need water to perform at the highest level, and exercise is a sure-fire way to deplete your water reserves.

A lot of people struggle with getting enough water, but hydration tracking bottles can help. They keep track of your water intake and alert you when you need to hydrate. Integrated apps allow you to monitor your total water consumption and become aware of your habits — both good and bad.

Full-Body Smart Compression Kits

Full-body smart compression kits are next-level items designed for individuals seriously dedicated to improving their fitness. You wear them like normal compression items under your gym clothes, but these suits are different. They are filled with biometric sensors that tap into your muscle activity and feedback electrical activity to — you guessed it — an integrated mobile app. The sensors allow you to see how muscles are firing and which muscles are engaged during your workouts.

For those that are serious about upping their performance, this is powerful information. For example, during a squat, you can see which leg muscles are being used and where you might be missing out on muscle activation — reducing your performance. While running, you’ll be able to see which areas of your body are being worked hardest, allowing you to change form to reduce fatigue or to train up areas that experience the highest amounts of pressure. This is essentially professional-grade fitness tracking available at home.

Advanced Tech Meets Simple Biology

Fitness technology has come a long way. From helping you improve your performance to motivating your workouts, we’re surrounded by fascinating new tools. But it’s important to remember that all these advancements are built around the same biological processes that have powered our ancestors for thousands of years.

Your body needs certain nutrients to operate, perform, and progress. All the smart tech in the world is not going to help you if you’re not consuming the right fuel to develop. Protein shakes and supplements remain a vital part of any workout strategy. You can’t use smart technology to improve fitness if you’re not taking care of the fundamental building blocks that allow your body to change and grow.

Incorporate these exciting pieces of fitness tech into your workouts to see incredible results, but don’t forget that underneath all the lights and apps, you’re still made of the same material as the cavemen that used their fitness to fight off sabertooth tigers and scavenge for food.

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