Netflix Tips And Tricks – 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Netflix Subscription

Are you getting the most out of your Netflix subscription? Probably not! Netflix’s existence makes things easier for us to watch our favorite TV shows and movies whenever we want. There are 1000’s of films and shows available that you can binge.

However, there are still so many things that are creating roadblocks in getting a smoother viewing experience. From wasting most of your binging time in finding content to watch to facing endless buffering and pauses.

This can also be true that your favorite TV show or movie is not available in your Netflix country catalog. But don’t worry, I have solutions to all these problems. Below I will provide seven ways to get the most out of your Netflix subscription:

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1. Use IMDb Ratings Extension To Find Out Best Movie Or TV Show On Netflix

Before we start watching something on Netflix, most of us follow the same process. Search for a movie or TV show -> Pick up your smartphone or tablet -> look for IMDb ratings -> If it’s not worth it, repeat the process until finding the best. This is quite annoying when you are using more than two devices to figure out what to watch on Netflix. However, there is an effortless way.

All you need to install chrome extension “IMDB Ratings on Netflix” to make the process fast and more comfortable to find the best content to watch. These chrome extension shows IMDb ratings for movies and TV shows in a pop up while searching on Netflix. This means you don’t need to use multiple devices to find out high rating content on Netflix.

2. Can’t Decide What To Watch? Let Netflix Roulette Decides for You!

It’s very usual to be indecisive when you have to choose a movie or TV show from 1000s of titles available on Netflix. And this finding process takes so much time that you could use it in watching one extra episode if you find it quickly.

So is there any way to make this finding process quicker? Well, Fix Roulette is a website that can help you in finding the movie or show you want to watch. Just enter a keyword, your favorite director, genre, or actor and hit the “Spin” button and voila! The list of shows and movies will appear based on the criteria you set.

3. Use VPN To Get Maximum Number Of TV Shows And Movies

We all know that Netflix content library is limited based on a country where you are living. This means Netflix content is not same in all the countries. And in terms of high-quality content, American Netflix tops the list. So if you are residing outside the USA or in a country where Netflix library has limited content, you can use a VPN service to access the missing shows and movies that are not available in your country.

But there is a catch. Only a few providers allow you to access other countries’ Netflix content as Netflix already blocks most of them. So if you are wondering where you can find the VPN services that work with Netflix, ScreenBinge is a website that offers useful guides and solutions to access geo-locked content from anywhere. For example, if you want to know which VPN works with Netflix, you can go to their best Netflix VPN guide and find the best service based on which Netflix country you wish to access.

4. Hands-On New Netflix Features Before It Gets Public

If you are binge freak and like to impress others by trying out things before it is available for others, there is a way to do that. Netflix offers a trial program that will allow you to test different features, add-ons, and new layouts when it is in beta testing. Just sign up for the streaming service’s Trial program.

Admittedly most of the options under the Account > Test Participation toggle will be things you’ll never notice – like new recommendation algorithms. By doing this, you will try the new features and take your binge experience to the next level before it gets available for the masses.

5. Save Your Data And Avoid Endless Buffering Issues By Lowering Streaming Quality

Watching Netflix in HD quality rather than in 4K on your smartphone or tablets is the best way to save your data and avoid endless buffering and pauses. And believe me or not, streaming Netflix in 1080p or even lower in 720p on mobile devices gives you the same video quality experience while watching in 4K on a bigger screen such as smart TV.

So if you are a person like me who loves to watch Netflix on the go, I would suggest you lower the streaming resolution. To do so: Open Netflix > Account > Playback Settings and drop the video resolution. In this way, you can save money that spends on data, and in case if you are getting weak cellular signals, watching Netflix won’t be ruined because of buffering.

6. Kick Freeloaders Off Your Account

If you are the person who has unintentionally shared his/her Netflix account with tons of friends and family members and their horrifying binging choices may be ruining your recommendation algorithm. To get rid of these moochers, all you need to do is kick them off from your account. To do so: visit Netflix -> Sign in -> My Account -> Sign out of all devices.

7. Choose a Binging Time to Get Flawless Streaming Experience

Streaming your favorite TV show or movie with bae is the best way for entertainment during coronavirus outbreak. However, because of too many people watching Netflix in these hours of the day, there is a high chance that you might face endless buffering issues.

But don’t worry, there is a workaround – simply watch Netflix when the load is light. Watch early in the morning or between 2 am to 5 am? I know this is a very unpopular suggestion. But if you are facing too much buffering, it is the best way to get flawless streaming. Hope you find these tricks useful!

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