Watch Movies In 3D With Hasbro’s iPhone 3D Movie Viewer

3D movies have become quite popular over a short period of time. A lot of Hollywood movies are released in 3D, and even classics like Star Wars, Titanic and The Lion King have been converted into 3D movies. It seems we all crave the 3D format more than ever. But when it comes to home entertainment systems, the 3D format has yet to make an impact. There are 3D enabled TVs on the market, but not many people indulge in that technology for some reason. Maybe it’s because our TVs are still too small to really make a visual impact on us. Or maybe it just feels a little odd watching a movie with your family wearing 3D glasses at home. Hasbro thinks they have the solution to this dilemma. Their new iPhone 3D movie viewer is here, and it looks quite cool.

This 3D movie viewer almost looks like the iconic View-Master from the ’80s, but with a whole different technology inside it. The size and technology behind it makes it a mobile 3D movie experience that we haven’t been able to tap into so far. Furthermore, the app that comes with this iPhone 3D movie viewer uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to create moving 3D environments worthy of a science fiction movie.

It is currently made available by Amazon and costs a mind-numbingly cheap $7.99. It’s a pretty geeky price for something that will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment no matter where you are. The iPhone has always been a great gadget to accessorize, and this 3D movie viewer could possibly be a great way to entertain your kids on the road or even yourself as you casually sit on the sofa at home. There is something about the 3D technology (and this 3D movie viewer) that makes us want to watch it, but it seems the place and gadgets that make it available to us have to be perfectly aligned with our needs, if that makes sense. Maybe this is one of those gadgets. What do you think?

Hasbro’s iPhone 3D Movie Viewer




Via: [HiConsumption]