Neurocam Reads Your Mind And Records What Interests You

Smartphones are used more and more as an accessory in new technologies. What that means is that our smartphones become the brain in technologies that measure, create or allow us to optimize our lifestyles. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that our smartphones will become a part of us in a very integral way. The Neurocam project, showcased at Human Sensing 2013 by Dentsu Scienc Jam, is a very clear view of where sensing technology is heading.

The Neurocam consists of a headset with a brain-wave sensor on it, which when coupled with a smartphone, can determine what you like or not by using an algorithm co-developed with Associate Professor Mitsukura at Keio University. What this further means, is that your smartphone can sense what you like based on your brain-waves and start recording what you see with the smartphone camera mounted on the side of your head at eye level.

This way you may simply walk around and record everything you like without actually having to push a button. When you get home, you can simply go through everything and compile it any way you’d like. That’s not the only use this contraption could have. The developers of the Neurocam have bigger plans that incorporate everything from stores to online activities.

For example, you could use a Neurocam device to track what customers like and don’t like, therefore, increase your sales exponentially. It will create a clear line if a product falls outside the scope of interest for the majority of customers.

I think the main question on everyone’s mind after having seen the video, is whether it is healthy having a smartphone so close to your head for extended periods of time. It is said that smartphones do not send out any dangerous waves of any kind, but it has been proven that the heat generated by a smartphone can cause tissue damage. It’s pretty interesting technology. However, will people dare to utilize it in their everyday life in fear of getting ill? I suppose that will be for each one of us to decide.

Neurocam Brain-Wave Sensor By Dentsu Science Jam

Neurocam Brain-Wave Sensor

Neurocam Brain-Wave Sensor

Neurocam Brain-Wave Sensor