Ultimate Retro Handheld Phone & Holster For Your Smartphone

In the landscape of iPhone or smartphone accessories, there is always something new to be introduced. Some things are just copies of a copy, if you know what I mean, while other things are as fresh as you can possibly imagine. The accessories may also vary in their purpose, which is what really makes us excited over here Bit Rebels. If the entire world was all about the neat, futuristic looking stuff, the world would be quite a boring place. Luckily, things aren’t that one sided, and we have actually seen things that have no other purpose than to bring us back in time, even if just for a few minutes each day. It not only makes us remember the old days, but also inspires us to think ahead and see if we can somehow recycle the technology from yesterday into future gadgets and accessories.

If that made any sense to you, that is exactly what I am going to be showing you today. I have stumbled over one of the most intriguing looking “headset” accessories you can possibly think of. It’s the ultimate of retro, and it will certainly put all eyes on you as you answer your phone. It is the Retro Handheld Phone And Holster accessory, and it will reinvent your personality like nothing else. The smartphone accessory is actually called Retro 2 Go, and it is one of those geeky ways to personalize your accessory park.

It will cost you a geeky $25 to get one, and it’s made by Etsy extraordinaire freelandstudios. At this very moment, I don’t know if there are more of these than the ones that are entered into Etsy and up for sale. There is one black and one purple colored handheld device, and if you hurry, they should both be there since this is a hot off the press article. I am sure that if these are successfully being sold, they will make more. Who knows, they might have a more in stock, but hurry nonetheless. Your iPhone or smartphone accessory park can’t get any more geeky than with this, I tell you!




Via: [Fashionably Geek]


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    Gloria 9 years

    How does a person get an iRetro phone holster? I am interested in getting the black one. I have googled and saw the pics but there has not been a site that has them for sale. I hear they sell for $25.00.
    Please let me know. God Bless You! :)