Never Be Late Again – The Most Precise Time Ever

Is there really something called “exact” time? After all, it’s an invention that we humans created to keep track and categorize events. What if we just went by past, present and future instead? What if we had no hours, no minutes and no seconds? The world wouldn’t be the same. We wouldn’t even have computers I reckon. Most computers are dependent on time to make sure their impulses of zeros and ones are in the correct order, etc… so if we didn’t have time, there would be a lot of things that we wouldn’t have today.

There is also something known as geek time. It’s something that designer Art Lebedev Studio has come up with. Yeah, that Lebedev! It’s the same guy who gave us the ultimately awesome and expensive LED keyboard called “Optimus Maximus“. It’s the radest thing you have ever seen with it’s changeable keys and all that. However, the man forever connected with LED keyboard has brought us yet another cool design. The “Reflectius“! It’s one of those really cool things that you don’t really know where to put.

It’s built from a series of mirrors that direct the lasers to form the numbers on the clock. In theory it’s really easy, but mechanically it’s a really hard thing to pull off. First you have to have a laser that is constant and pure enough to withstand a number of mirrors that will direct it. Then, you have to have the mirrors spinning and positioning themselves each second to make up the numbers when the laser hits them. It’s complex enough to make anyone’s head spin really. We’re not talking about a few mirrors either. We’re talking about a good 8-10 mirrors that have to be aligned just right for the laser to form the correct number. Let’s just say that it’s the ultimate geek clock…