Teacher Creates Groundbreaking New Transparent Lightboard

If you have ever even spent as little as one day in school, you know how boring it is to look at the blackboard. Many teachers have a problem with turning their back towards their students for a number of reasons, and without the ingenuity of people like Professor Michael Peshkin of Northwestern University, another option might have never existed. Mr. Peshkin got terribly fed up with the blackboard, and how it made him turn his back on his students, so he created the Lightboard.

I am sure many teachers have been waiting for a solution which allows them to actually face their students and still be able to draw diagrams, write and even use projection to show what they are trying to teach. Mr. Peshkin has been able to create something that, if utilized in schools all over the world, could literally boost student interest in learning by more than we could ever imagine.

The Lightboard is a project that has been in the works ever since this dedicated teacher decided enough is enough. It’s a 4 x 8 ft. pane of architectural glass lit by 8 ft. strips of white LEDs at the top and bottom of the frame. This means that when you draw on it with fluorescent markers it pops out almost like a hologram. One might think it’s an OLED Lightboard, but it’s not quite that advanced, yet. By adding a black backdrop, you further increase the visibility of the stuff you draw and write on the Lightboard.

But that’s not all. The Lightboard can also have images from a computer superimposed by a projector on it. This Lightboard is probably the most impressive and useful educational tool yet. Mr. Peshkin is using his innovation to record his lessons for online students to take a look at no matter where they are located, which of course is another way to make learning a whole lot more optimized. Where was all this when I was going to school? The cool gadgets students get to enjoy today are just mind-boggling. You can make your own by using Mr. Peshkin’s easy to follow construction guide.

Professor Michael Peshkin’s Innovative Lightboard

Michael Peshkin Lightboard Invention

Michael Peshkin Lightboard Invention

Michael Peshkin Lightboard Invention

Michael Peshkin Lightboard Invention

Via: [Technabob]


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    Rob 9 years

    If it is going to be effective teachers are going to have to learn to write backwards or else it is going to be very inconvenient for the students.
    Now why can’t they integrate AR into it with a tablet and the projector, to do a full interactive experience for the student, they hold their tablet up and write on the board to enhance and clarify certain aspects, but since it is not hard marked when that student is done, it is cleared and other students can point out and ask questions on cert points of it.
    Stupid I know.