Next Gen Inlines Design

First it was Roller Skates then it was Roller Blades and after that came Inlines. So what’s next? Well, Bit Rebels have been doing some research and found some rather interesting approaches. Some of them are only prototypes but none the less, they are awesomeness defined.

New ideas are always exciting but refining old ideas to fit the hi-tech evolution is even more interesting. The concept of shoes with wheels on them has been around for quite some time. However, it has always been refined to fit the young trends of the present age.

Lately, we’ve seen yet another round of new designs and modifications of the Roller Shoes and they are looking schaweeet! Here are some of the most exciting ones appearing soon.

Cool Inline Skates By Mercury

This new design created by the company Mercury features a suspension system design which is in tended to minimize vibrations. It will ensure a smooth and trouble free ride and also take stress off of your feet and ankle as you ride on medium rough ground.

720 Skates Concept

These new wheel brackets brought to you by designer Tay Kian and is called “720 Skates“. They are intended for pro skating competitions. They are still just a prototype but their main feature is that the wheels can spin 360 degress and enables you to ride sideways.

iShoes Powertrain Skates

These are the ultimate design! Created by Minnesota inventor Ilya Kaganovic the “iShoes Powertrain Skates” can travel at a speed of up to 15 miles an hour and has a range of up to 7 miles on just one single charge. Speed and breaks are controlled by a wire to a control which enables you to have full control. Still just a prototype but that doesn’t keep them from being the sweetest thing on the horizon.