Slice Keyboard: Next Gen Virtual Touch Screen Keyboard Is Here

We are finally making some progress in how we interact with our mobile devices. The virtual keyboard has been the primary solution for us all, but it is based on an almost ancient system that we still use for all our typing and gaming on our computers. Have you wondered when something new is going to come along that will reinvent the way we type and play games? Well, I have, and a day doesn’t pass when I don’t think about what the progress is when it comes to interactive solutions that innovators keep pushing out. Some of them we don’t like, and most of them we don’t even need. The virtual touch screen keyboard has pretty much been the same since it was introduced, but there is change on the way.

What could possible change the way we interact with our mobile devices is something called the Slice Keyboard. It’s a new virtual touch screen keyboard for Android tablets (7 inches and larger) that through extensive research implements a more optimized way of typing. Anchoring your hands allows you to see the screen better, and through the letter circles, you will have a more ergonomic typing position that will spare your hands while typing for a long time.

My initial question was if we would be able to relearn how we type things through a new virtual touch screen interface, but then it hit me that we have actually done that before. Do you remember the push-button phones back in the day that had three letters on each button? We learned how to type on that “interface” quite fast, so why wouldn’t we be able to learn this, right? This touch screen keyboard is available in both a free and a paid (full) version. The full version makes the new virtual touch screen keyboard enabled throughout your whole Android system. You should definitely try it out and see if you can optimize the way you interact with your Android phone. Do you think this new virtual touch screen keyboard will replace the old classic one? Well, at least we’re making progress towards something new.

Slice Keyboard – Virtual Touch Screen Keyboard


Via: [Technabob]