Nokia E63 – Poor mans iPhone alternative

I would love an iPhone, most people know this, but unfortunately practicalities stand firmly in my way, too much cost for not enough usage.  As it was time to renew my contract or ditch it I decided to look into the upgrades I could get, with I must say an air of reluctance.

I was paying around 17 of my English pounds a month, this gave me free Skype usage and unlimited interwebs etc on my phone, but my phone wasn’t the best at handling all that, and the battery was lasting about the length of a phone call.

So the choices were few – I wanted to keep around the same budget – but I wanted a phone better suited towards Internet and texting with skype included – as I am a web geek…  enter the E63.  Think of this phone like a blackberry – I have been using it about a week now and its really good.  The only reservation I have is that it doesn’t come with a data cable (no idea why).   Anyway here is someone much more experienced to talk about it – and if you need a new phone on a budget its awesome.

I got mine via Three – £15  a month, unlimited web, texts, 3 to 3 calls and 75 mins… lots of cool apps and on and on :D