Nokia’s Awesome view on The Future | Nanotech Concept Phone

I am in a future technology frenzy right now and I can’t believe the things people think up for our convenience. The scale things are heading for is just amazing and honestly I can’t wait for the future to arrive. Rather sooner than later. I just saw a presentation of how Nokia imagines the future when it comes to cell phones. Or should I rather say, Nanotech Phones. The genius in their design is miles from any bulky pocket gadget that we now have a tendency to put away and forget. These Nanotech Phones will probably be the most secure and ingenious little devices ever when they come out. Question is who will drop them on the market first and more importantly, when?

E-PaperApple is right now working on their “Tablet” technology and Microsoft is all up in their “Surface” technology. Could it be that Nokia is working on their Nano Technology? Well, even though I don’t foresee this Nanotech phone dropping on the market anytime soon I still have high hopes about it’s arrival. Especially when I saw a keynote by Microsoft where Stever Balmer at the end of the show demoed a piece of Nanotech interactive paper. I wanted to insert a clip here from the keynote but wasn’t able to find that particular clip. If anyone knows where it is then please share it with the rest of us.

Nokia’s new and cool Nanotech approach “Morph” will truly revolutionize the cell phone business and will make our phones beyond smart. The fact that you can change the color of the phone, slap it around your wrist, bend it, fold it and even put it into water is just some of the amazing and ultimately cool features. The clip got released a little less than a year ago so Nokia should have come a little bit further in their hopes of creating the next generation cell phones. Question is, will it become reality and when will we see it on the market. Any suggestions?