Now We Can All Tweet At The Great Wall Of Touch!

About a year ago, I wrote an article about the Intel Touch Screen Wall at the CES which everyone, at the time, thought was the 8th wonder of the world. But, as it turns out, this year there is one better. Not only does it seem that the future is harboring some pretty cool lobby technology for us, it also seems we are going to interact with each other on the same gigantic wall of touch. Microsoft has its Surface table which never really seemed to catch our interest. It just doesn’t get traction anywhere, and I am sure Microsoft is wondering what they are doing wrong with it. The Surface table they made available is large and hyper-interactive, but the uses for it seem blurry and complicated, which means the learning curve is steeper than we allow ourselves to immerse into.

This gigantic touch interface created out of 6 multitouch cells and 46 advanced displays is definitely the largest interaction screen I have seen to date. It will hold virtually an unlimited number of users tapping, gesturing and interacting on the touch surface without even as much as showing any signs of failure.

So does this mean that we will all soon be putting our greasy hands on this surface wherever we go? Well, it very well may be the case. However, I think we will undertake more mundane things with it such as share photos, browse the Internet in groups, and maybe even use it as a blackboard in classrooms. Well, that’s all depending on the price of this badboy.

Via: [7 Gadgets]