Now You Can Shave with a Pill!

A Beard, by some, is considered the ultimate manhood and to sport the ole pirate full beard has somewhat, to some people, become a sport in itself. A few decades ago it was the most common thing to see on the streets, men with beards. Nowadays that hype is gone and, how it seems, girls no longer find the beard as attractive as they used to. We’re all walking around looking like naked Chihuahuas in our faces. That all thanks to razors. Electrical or the good old analog one. I think some are even using the shaver knife still but that is probably just a myth.

But, times are always changing and new ways to shave spring up from peoples ever evolving minds and this time it’s in the form of a pill. Now, you might think I am talking about a pill that will prevent you from ever having to shave again but that’s where you are wrong. Nope, this is a pill shaped razor that will enable you to bring your razor with you during flight, if you so would come up with the thought that shaving is the one most important thing while traveling by plane to somewhere.

It’s a small pill shaped container that holds the folded razor. The razorblades are flexible and so is the razor handle itself as well so it all fits inside a neat little thumb sized pill. Now, that isn’t a trick that bad if you ask me. Call it if you will the ultimate travel razor kit. Well, it still remains to be seen how sharp this little bad boy is and if it’s totally useless after 2 strokes but before I try it out, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and say it’s a really neat little bugger.