Ring Shaver: The Future Of Grooming Is Revealed

It’s probably one of the most frequent commercials on TV, and it seems for each year that passes by, the only difference we see in today’s shavers is that they add another razor blade to the thing. It’s almost a little annoying really. Why not bust on as many razor blades as possible from the start and then concentrate on something else? I mean, I understand the business model behind it. Doing it this way they’ll milk the industry of money a little at a time. In the long run, they’ll have made a bundle just from holding back the technology that they already know exists but they roll it out one year at a time. This business model has always reminded me of Apple. They add a little at a time instead of going all the way and then adding something completely different.

Here is something completely new and fresh. It’s a new design by designers Xiang Qin, Yin Qin, Yiyan Ge and Xinxin Sun, which won the 2010 Red Dot Concept Award for outstanding thinking. Even though it’s just a concept, I have no problem in seeing this little shaver as a real product soon. It sure has a purpose, and the size of this badboy is more than portable, which beats the size of conventional electrical shavers and regular “analog” shavers.

However, I don’t think this one is for people with full facial hair, but it’s more for the ones with a half-a-day stubble. I mean, first of all, this thing can’t hold the massive amounts of facial hair in that little container, and besides, I am sure that it would start to strike as soon as it hit the thicker areas where the facial hair has almost become a beard. It’s a good idea though, and maybe in the future it will be powerful enough to deal with just about anything.