OLED Mobile – No not a new iPhone…

There were huge rumours which spread around before the announcement of the iPhone 3GS, one of which was that it had an OLED screen.  Now we know this not to be true, but it would have been great.  OLED is still expensive, but it is definitely where we are headed.

For those who don’t know yet OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, yes Organic, how cool is that.  Basically it means you can create REALLY thin and even flexible screens that are super bright, High definition and use a very small amount of power.  If you want to get more specific about the technical details read here.

It might not be apple who managed it first, but its coming for mobile.   Sony is already shipping the OLED Walkman in Japan and next up its Microsoft with their ZuneHD.

Its really good to see this technology start to reach the market, its about time we had a real leap in display technology.  Here are some nice videos to get you excited.

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