OLED Wall – Philips Greatest Product

When doing my post on OLED keyboards I stumbled over something really awesomely sexy. It turns out that Philips is developing a new kind of wall surface called the “OLED Wall”. Imagine that! What a unique name for a product. Anyway, the wall is constructed out of hundreds of OLED Lights based on their newly developed OLED Light Technology.

Even though the wall might be ridiculously expensive they for see a great decrease in price as the number of incorporated situations is endless. And for a future looking more and more technological I for one can’t wait to plaster my living room wall with these small lights and watch, if possible, the latest CG generated spin off of the up-coming mega blockbuster “Avatar” from the ever so inventing Mr. James Cameron himself. Imagine the insane experience watching those 3D enhanced movies that’s on the horizon. Even Mr. Cameron himself is rumored to have created a personalized pair of 3D eye lenses so he doesn’t have to wear them geeky 3D glasses.

If only the world would become perfect…ooooh!