Pod Living | All The Space You Will Ever…Crave!

Housing is one of the biggest concerns nowadays for young people when they move away from home for the first time. Prices on houses and apartments are again going up and for a new graduate, it is a cost that is too often too much. Young people really want to stay in the midst of things and therefore want to live right in the center of any large city. But more times then not, they find that they just can’t afford the rising costs.

The designers at D&F have come up with a little solution. Their new housing concept design is more directed at traveling people and for locations where there is a large concentration of people. It’s a little safe haven where you can sleep and be for just a little while. This could potentially also be a short term solution for people that are looking to move to a new city to get a new job and in the meantime, while they are looking for a place to live, they could stay here.

In Japan, this kind of housing has been quite successful for some time now. Even small sleeping compartments in the middle of the major cities have been quite successful. So, why wouldn’t this be just that little important and genius solution for a global problem?

This little “pod” has everything you need and quite luxuriously so. They are equipped with a bathroom, a bedroom and a technology splendor fit for any true geek. Just make sure you’re not claustrophobic.